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Here you can grab a copy of GXVM’s new album, for free just by tweeting or sharing on your facebook, it only takes a few clicks and will give you access to some new tracks that will be unheard anywhere else plus some of Graeme’s personal favourites all with Itunes artwork and info. Simply Share, Download, Open and Enjoy !

GXVM Home Page 4.1


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This album features some great work with, a host of amazing, talented Singers and Producers, all being involved. Little Lies featuring the great vocals of Charlotte Haining on this melodic dubstep track. Being part of Figureless the vocalist label that helps gets talented singers to work with producers to produce a great deal of new fresh music. Along with this i enlisted the talents of Natalie Seenyen aswell to help create Barely Touch Me, my take on some classic DnB. It was a pleasure to work with both of them and perhaps some more projects in the future.

As far as Collaborations with other producers go, i was fortunate enough to be able to work with Majestry again on our track Altercation, a psychedelic acid house track bringing us some old vibes. Along with this Whole New World, with TeknishinOfficial, our complextro track with received great praise from many youtube channels, and giving me my first feature is up for grabs here!

Also featured are two remixes by myself, from two great icons of mine in there production quality, after my success with the hassassinuk remix competition i was asked to remix some new material, this cam in the form of Fornicate the Constable, which was a Exclusive.Another great talent in the form of TeKlo had also asked me to remix his track Rainbow which saw Radio 1 airplay earlier last year, it was an honour to remix a track for another Scottish producer and especially one of great praise i hope you enjoy my interpretation of the vocals that Plum sang in this track.

Finally i have had the great pleasure of having two great artists being willing to remix my tracks, the unbelievable talent that is Elliot Berger, he has seen great success in the last year with some great uploads to, including an all time most downloaded track on there. It was so great to have him do a remix of Little Lies, enjoy this and on the other side we have the close friends of mine that are the Scottish bred duo Palindromes- giving us there take on Little Lies also, these guy’s have shown great promise up until now and I’m excited to see what the future holds for these two, expect some projects in the coming months from us.


















Elliot BergerPalindromes







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I want to say a huge thank you to everyone involved in the productions i hope to work with them soon into the future and i please urge you to go to their pages and support them, all are well deserving. The pictures link to Facebook , the hyperlinks link to Soundcloud and below are the relevant websites for each artist that has a website.


Elliot Berger

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